Why Us

Why Choose SAM Programs?


Full Accredited

The Aviation Management program is fully accredited at both institutional and program level


Dual Degree

Received 2 degrees from SIMI Swiss Switzerland and Poland's leading university UITM



You could earn the prestigious IATA and ARCPORT certificates which confirms your competence


Internship in EU Airport

Internship at leading European airports and supervised by professors and practitioners from EU Airports


Scholarship & Support

Study in Switzerland and Poland with a scholarship for international students


Airline simulation game

Participation in the airline simulation game for understanding the daily challenges faced by aviation managers




Study in English


Degrees (Swiss + Poland)


Career opportunities

Program Structure

Hybrid Learning method

Read contents in LMS

Know the training objectives and course content

Join Live Class

Facilitates comprehension of and application of specific information

Work with tutors

Aids in gaining insight and understanding how to use knowledge.

Make Assignements

The opportunity to synthesize acquired information and apply into workplace.

Consult with tutors

Tutor answers questions during the activity and provides feedback.

Final Capstone projects

After finish course work, students do master's theses with professors' guide.


Program in details

The Master of Aviation Management equips you with the mindset, skills, and experience necessary to comprehend the global aviation market's dynamic development. This program is designed to teach you how to lead, manage, and direct people and resources in the aviation industry. You will gain knowledge of numerous facets of:
  • Aviation policy and planning
  • Airport management
  • Airport safety
  • Aviation Research
  • Supply Chain in Aviation
Upon completion of the program, students receive 2 Master's degrees from
  • The SIMI Swiss
  • The UITM Poland
As part of the ongoing development projects, students will be offered the following prestigious IATA certificates:
  • IATA Ground Operations
  • IATA Cargo,
  • IATA Airline Marketing,
  • IATA Airline Business Models,
  • IATA Airline Service,
  • IATA Airline Finance,
  • IATA Aviation Security.

Courses in details

  • Aviation Management
  • Airline Marketing
  • Airline Scheduling
  • Aviation Safety Management
  • Supply Chain in Aviation
  • Business Research in Aviation
  • Aviation Management, Policy
  • Aviation Marketing
  • Air Cargo Management
  • Air Navigation and Aircraft
  • Aviation Project I
  • Accounting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Aviation Law
  • Airline Network Management
  • Infrastructure in Airport
  • Aviation Project II
  • Operational Research
  • Economic Law
  • Public Finance Management
  • Vocational Apprenticeship II
  • Physical Education
  • Relevant Level 6 NQF or
  • Bachelor or equivalent
  • 3 year experiences
  • 21 years or older
  • CEFR B2 or equivalent
  • IELTS 5.5 or equivalent
The Master in Aviation Management awarded after studying our aviation management programme will enable you to take a huge step towards finding your dream job:
  • Airport Manager
  • Airline Manager
  • Fixed Base Manager
  • Flight Dispatcher
  • Ground Manager
  • Ramp Manager
  • Scheduling Manager
  • Station Manager
  • Air Freight / Cargo Manager
  • Customer Service Manager
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Final semester

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